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Venicewiki offre a chiunque la possibilità di inviare dei testi scritti nel loro programma di videoscrittura

itizendium now offers authors the opportunity to submit articles written in their word processor. A Citizendium human Wiki-Converter will convert the document to the MediaWiki mark up code so that the article can appear in Citizendium as a regular encyclopedia article, complete with images, tables, notes and citation-sources (references). Please read this page in its entirety before you proceed to email us an article.

For the present, Citizendium will accept articles written in Microsoft ‘.doc’ format, and will accept also ‘.rtf’ files, which most word processors can generate.


Where to email articles

Just email your article, as an attachment, to

We will need your preferred email address to maintain contact with you, for progress reports and for questions that might come up. Preferably, use your preferred email address to email us your article,

What to include in the email

In addition to including in the email the article as an attachment, in the body of the email, authors may add any comments regarding their article.

What happens after you email your article

A member of the wiki-converting team will contact you at your preferred email address confirming that your article has been accepted for conversion, and will keep you posted on the conversion progress. Expect some queries from time-to-time, for example for clarification.

After your article has been converted and posted to Citizendium, you will receive an email with a link to the article. You may want to make edits then. You can do that yourself, for minor edits, using Citizendium’s editor. Go to the article page, click the edit tab. The editor box will be in MediaWiki code, but you can easily make edits by following the code format you will see already there.

If you have extensive edits, as in the case of a complete re-write of a section of the article, submit the section to the mailing list and indicate the title of the article it belongs to, and the name of the Wiki-Converter. Include the words, "Attention:Person's Name", on the subject line, substituting for Person's Name the name of your wiki-converter.

Requirements for submitting articles in word processor format

To submit articles, you must sign-up as an author in Citizendium, if you have not already done so. You do that by filling in a simple web form at: