Basilic of Saint Mary and Saint Donato

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Indirizzo Campo San Donato - Murano
Stile architett. Bizantino

The building, built in the seventh century and rebuilt along with the bell tower in between 1125 and 1140, is one of the best examples of the style Venetian - Byzantine.

As happened in Ruskin, even today visitors coming from the bridge, before entering, is enchanted in front of the two rows of arches superb Byzantine, supported by pairs of marble columns, each one different from the other, alternately the capitals in marble red Verona and Istrian marble, stand in warm terracotta stones of the apse.

The main façade, in Romanesque style classic Venetian, he stands as the ancient Roman artifacts, most probably brought from Altino during the passage of the nations in the waters of the Venetian lagoon.

Inside, a Latin cross with three naves, with greek marble columns, capitals Venetian - Byzantine roof and wooden hull of a ship, we fix our gaze on the mosaic floor. And 'in 1140, then to that of the contemporary St. Mark's Basilica, with subjects taken from the animal and plant world, related to the Paleo-Christian world, with strong biblical references.

In the apse, instead, the focus is laid on another wall mosaic, gold background, that of the Virgin Orans (Mother of God), the twelfth century.

Santa Maria e Donato
Santa Maria e Donato - Nick Bramhall
Do not forget, then, to observe the main altarpiece, a painting by Paolo Veneziano, San Donato (1310), and to visit the Baptistery, with its sarcophagus Acilii, from Altino and used as a baptismal font, as well as the Romanesque bell tower of the twelfth century.


Capitelli romanici San Donà
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Capitelli romanici San Donà2
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Capitelli romanici San Donà3
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San Donà Murano
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