Brand Artistic Murano Glass

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The Consortium Promovetro has as its purpose the development and promotion of Murano glass.

With the Veneto Region he was given the task of protecting and promoting the use of the collective brand Artistic Murano Glass.
Shall be protected glass objects produced in the island of Murano according to artistic criteria and productive that, although innovative, comply with the Murano tradition such as, but not limited to:

  • glasses first processing;
  • engraved glass, decorated and bevelled;
  • mirrors;
  • articles for lighting;
  • pearls, glass beads and millefiori;
  • lampwork glass.

Only concessionaires are authorized by the Veneto Region, after careful and extensive tests, to affix the sticker depicting the logo on the products of own production.

The Consortium Promovetro, as part of its activities to promote the brand, authorizes the activities of retail trade on private land who request it and who agree to abide by the conditions laid down by regulations, to affix their premises of decals depicting the logo of the brand and the identification number assigned to the same.