From parking or railway station to Piazza San Marco in vaporetto

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For a tourist move in Venice means moving on foot or by vaporetto.

For them who do not want to grapple with walking trails, the best thing is to take the Travel Cards, purchased at one of the many ticket offices in major stops of the water transport to public transport, which allow unlimited use, for the chosen period, public transport.
You must also consider must of the Grand Canal is not visible on foot, but just on a boat runs along its entire route, in a slow and unmissable series of historic buildings and ancient churches.
On the page Using the vaporetto you will find all the Grand Canal Line 1 ACTV stops, the public water bus.

The costs for the vaporetto's ticket single ride is € 7 for non-residents in the Province of Venice, you have a good savings if, and we stress if you take a number of means to complete a journey that would be recommended to have already prepared before departure.

Top 10 in Venice - Ten Things to do absolutely in Venice is also entered in the route vaporetto as, for example, the Grand Canal it would not be visible if you tread the city on foot.

The validity of the ticket can be 24 hours up to 72 hours depending on the chosen rate.

  • € 18,00 - Ticket valid 12 hours

  • € 20,00 - Ticket valid 24 hours
  • € 25,00 - Ticket valid 36 hours
  • € 30,00 - Ticket valid 48 hours
  • € 35,00 - Ticket valid 72 hours
  • € 50,00 - Ticket valid for 7 days