Sightseeing in the Venice Wine bar - Bacaro Tour

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Stroll Venice puts hungry!

Look for a local top-notch where you can eat the tasty Cicchetti Venice, accompanied by the classic ombra, a glass of wine, sometimes it may seem difficult.
Instead, the local taverns and restaurants, which lend themselves to be counted among the Bacari in the Venetian tradition, continue to grow and almost always are run by young entrepreneurs who, before being managers, customers are Venetian wine bars and then know what to look for in these past few wandering along the venetians calli and campi.
This page is intended to indicate a path, a journey, a walk, which may have a continuity in the taste and a common thread:good food Venetian Baccaro.

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In the pages of research, we have also found applications imaginative, type Bacaro good in Venice. I would respond in a unique way Domandighe all'oste se el vin xe bon (ask the landlord if the wine is good), receive a single response: Of course!

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