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Venicewiki is a site written by the Venetians in their national language, the Italian, but the system can handle the translations of all the pages of the wiki in several languages.

To enter the translation of a page in a certain language simply create a new sub-page that has its title formed by:

Italian original title/xx

Where xx is the language code.

Then, to show available languages, the following code must be placed on the original translated page:


and this one on each translation of the page:

{{Lingue|Titolo originale in italiano}}

For instance, to insert translations for this article which is called "Venicewiki:Lingue," you should create pages with the following titles:

Page name Language
Venicewiki:Lingue Italiano
Venicewiki:Lingue/ar عربي
Venicewiki:Lingue/de Deutsch
Venicewiki:Lingue/en English
Venicewiki:Lingue/el Ελληνικά
Venicewiki:Lingue/es Español
Venicewiki:Lingue/fr Français
Venicewiki:Lingue/ja 日本語
Venicewiki:Lingue/ko 한국어
Venicewiki:Lingue/nl Nederlands
Venicewiki:Lingue/pt Português
Venicewiki:Lingue/ru Русский
Venicewiki:Lingue/zh 中文
Venicewiki:Lingue/vec Venessian (Veneziano)