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Welcome to the community wiki for Venice!

A wiki is a site that anyone can edit, quite different from other static websites that you can only read. While you are reading this page, someone like you is probably giving its contribution to other pages on Venicewiki. Writing and editing pages of this site is fast and easy as writing an email. If something goes wrong there's always the possibility to undo the changes made.

What we are aiming for is a place to record Venice history, places, shops... everything related to Venice, but also a place where the venetians' voices can be heard. Actually what the wiki contains and means is up to them, and to you also.

From a tourist point of view, we could become more than another tourist guide about Venice. Imagine a Venice guide written by real venetians, not just two or three authors but hundreds, thousands of venetians describing their city life, the landmarks, the culture, as well as the shops.

At the moment Venicewiki has just been launched so be patient; before thinking about other languages we have a lot of things to do in our own!

If you're reading this translation you probably don't understand Italian but don't be scared of all these italian-only pages! Sooner or later someone even with a litte knowledge of Italian will translate them in your language.

You can already help us by translating some of the pages we wrote so far, and this page explains how to do it. Note also that every page has a "Google Translate" link that provides a machine translation that can at least help you understand the content.

Or you can help us by creating an account, writing your thoughts, uploading some of the photos you took or inserting some of them from your Flickr account. You can even edit this page in order to correct our poor English!

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