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The glass art, like other artistic expressions, has its secret and you can’t truly appreciate it if you don’t see how items come to life. The glass requires patience and constant application. Many famous designers were surprised for the complexity of its manufacture, it requires a great experience.

This art is underrated, but designers and architects such as Carlo Scarpa let the world know the beauty of his work and the artistic side of the glass creating beautiful and unique pieces of art.

Owning a handcrafted chandelier, a cup designed by Carlo Scarpa or a set of collection glasses made in Murano means owning an authentic piece of art to jealously preserve and to show off to your friends. Seeing the millenary process is a breathtaking experience and through this website you can book a free entry demonstration into a Murano glass factory. The demonstration is carried out at the company Guarnieri Glass Factory. By booking the visit (see above), printing the reply e-mail and showing it to the kiln workers, you will have free entry 'to the demonstration with a talented master glazier. If you book a demonstration for a group of more than 10 people, you must send an email to [mailto:], so as to better organize your arrival. The demonstrations will be carried out every day from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (Except for a small interruption for lunch break): it is strongly recommended to carry out the 'visit before visiting the other places of interest' like the Museo del Vetro, Basilica of the Holy Mary and Donato and Palazzo Da Mula, so as to better appreciate the technique and tradition on which the history of the island of Murano. The exhibition of glass processing lasts about 20 minutes, with relative explanation, then you can visit the exhibition rooms where you will find the most precious objects made with the millenary technique of blown glass.

The glass factory is a few steps away from the “Colonna” boat stop, the first stop of the 4.1 or 4.2 ACTV boat line in Murano. Straight off you proceed left to Fondamenta Serenella and you will see, after 100 meter, the great entrance of Guarnieri Furnace. Kindness and a smile are always the best references. No one can remain indifferent when the bolus is processed at 800°C.

This cluster, almost liquid, is always kept in motion. All the items, glasses, vase, cup or chandelier will come to life with this process, to stand astonished as happened to people showed in the photo.

Anyone wishing to continue the visit to the Islands of the Northern Lagoon, in particular Burano and Torcello, at 16.00, from the kiln of the kiln, a private motorboat will take you to Burano and then to Torcello. The same medium will then conclude the half-day excursion near Piazza San Marco, all for a cost of € 15 per person, reduced for children € 7.50. For any information write to


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