St. Nicholas patron of Murano glass-makers

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On December 6, San Nicolò is celebrated, as they say in Venice, Saint Nicholas in the other parts of the world.

The saint, who was bishop of Myra in Turkey in the fourth century AD, is also considered the patron saint of glass blowers, and on this occasion, as handed down through many generations, it plays a particular market that is beyond the others for its main asset , items offered for sale are works of art made ​​by Murano glass masters and were donated to the two parishes on the island for a number of actions that are performed by the priests, who put them up for sale.

This initiative began during the fifteenth century and was used as for all other brotherhoods who worked in Venice, the livelihood of the people less fortunate, in this case for the widows of glass, for the dowry of the daughters of marriageable glass masters or to facilitate the entry of young people to the difficult and laborious craft of glass making, which, after all, was the only job of leading the island.

Even today, the best teachers are doing their utmost to make the best of what their art can express, continuing to create new objects, new combinations, new forms that this will fuel competition among the masters and therefore the research of technical knowledge and skill for inventiveness to spare more and more interesting, difficult in execution, so for this precious.

Alternatively, the two parishes are home, in buildings adjacent to the Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato and Chiesa di San Pietro Martire (Murano), so this event felt by Murano and by connoisseurs and collectors who are preparing to occupy the positions of the front row to be able to buy up the best and original pieces of the much sought after Murano.

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