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Murano is the island of the artistic Glass. Through, cliccando on this link, Book a visit to a Murano Glass Factory you can book the free demonstration of the workmanship of the glass.
There are different ways to reach Murano island with the public boat. The connection lines are numerous with Venice, with the Airport Mark Polo, but also with the shore of the Lagoon north with the beaches of Treporti, Cavallino, Jesolo, Eraclea.

One day in Murano

The seven islands of Murano have served seven piers, as shown in the map on the right: Colonna, Serenella, Fondamenta Venier, Palazzo Da Mula, Museum, Fondamenta Navagero, Faro. Some lines stop on all, while others are only stop in and have some of the jetties dedicated.
A side at every stop, not necessarily the first, there are the famous kilns in which they produce the fabulous objects in Murano and see up close how the glowing glass mass is transformed into an art object by processing millenary of the glass Masters.
Book a visit to a Murano Glass Factory

The lines 4.1 and 4.2 and the DM Diretto Murano) dell'ACTV, from Ferrovia and Piazzale Roma, stop all the piers, the first two with a frequency of 20 minutes interspersed with one another, while the DM there are time slots for precise commuters and are valid for the whole year. The lines 4.1 and 4.2, before separating from Venice, have the same stop at Fondamenta Nuove, so from this landing every 10 minutes a boat' is detached to reach Murano.

To reach Murano from St. Mark's Square must reach the boat stop of San Zaccaria - Monument from where comes off the line 4.2 in 40 minutes by boat takes you directly to your destination.
To get to the Fondamenta Nuove follow the directions from the Ponte di Rialto - Fondamenta Nuove.

Alilaguna also covers some bands with greater frequency and colleague Murano with the airport on one side and St. Mark's Square and Lido of the other, although the summer is covered with a higher frequency, the increased influx of tourists. For schedules and stops go to the page of Time Tables Alilaguna.

The links with the line LN (Laguna Nord) and from Burano and Cavallino stop only at the Lighthouse, where you can sail well to reach the islands of Vignole and Sant'Erasmo with Line 13.

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