Vaporetto, public transport in Venice

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The Vaporetti are all means of public transport operating within the Laguna of Venice, even if they are divided into three different categories, they all take the name vaporetto .

In the main stops, Piazzale Roma, Ferrovia, Rialto, San Marco Vallaresso and San Marco Danieli, there are two different landing places for the directions to take. In all the others at the same pontoon stop both the steamers going in one direction and those going in the opposite direction; if you have confused ideas ask the sailor before going up It's the right direction for ....

In the map here are all the stops of the Line 1 in the Grand Canal.
The vaporetto of this line departs, both in one direction and in the other, every 12 minutes.
Even during the night the connecting routes are maintained, even if with a lower frequency, about 35 minutes each other, skipping some stops like San Stae, San Silvestro, Santa Maria del Giglio.
The cost of the ticket is € 7.50 per person for a period of 75 minutes, but if you intend to use more than one shipping line, you certainly save by taking a time ticket. The duration and cost of the ticket can be divided into different time bands: 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours.

The validity of the ticket, as mentioned above, can be 24 hours up to 72 hours depending on the time you have available, the goals that you are planning to reach. In relation to all this you will find the fare that is right for you and will start from the moment in which it is validated in the first race you make.

  • € 18,00 - Ticket valid for 12 hours

  • € 20,00 - Ticket valid for 24 hours
  • € 25,00 - Ticket valid for 36 hours
  • € 30,00 - Ticket valid for 48 hours
  • € 35,00 - Ticket valid for 72 hours
  • € 50,00 - Ticket valid for 7 days

The main route lines

ACTV Orario Linea 1

ACTV Orario Linea 2

ACTV Orario Linea 3

ACTV Orario Linea 5

ACTV Orario Linea 7

ACTV Orario Linea 8

ACTV Orario Linea 41-42

ACTV Orario Linea 51-52

ACTV Orario Linea 6 - Ex Linea 61

ACTV Orario Linea Diretto Murano DM ora ACTV Orario Linea 3

ACTV Orario Linea 13 Venezia - Murano - Vignole - Sant'Erasmo

ACTV Orario Linea 15 Venezia - Punta Sabbioni

ACTV Orario Linea LN Venezia - Punta Sabbioni - Treporti - Burano - Murano

ACTV Orario Linea T Burano - Torcello

ACTV Orario Linea 11 Lido di Venezia - Chioggia