Itineraries in Venice

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Venicewiki offers you a special guide to Venice with itineraries on foot or by public transport, in order to look carefully at the monuments of Venice, visit the churches with the most beautiful paintings of Tiziano, Tintoretto, Carpaccio, observe the Palaces on the Grand Canal, having for each of them a concise and clear explanation.

The city of Venice, which as everyone knows can be crossed on foot or possibly by boat, but Venice the sports most practiced is walk, to carry out these walks it is therefore necessary wear a pair of comfortable shoes because your feet are not to decide the end of the walk.
It looks for its conformation and the narrow streets, a labyrinth, but it lends itself to routes for those who had already clear ideas on what to see and what are their interests.

Anyone wishing could watch the affreschi still remained from the glories of the Serenissima, who follow the footsteps of artists such as Tiziano Tintoretto, Carpaccio, and look at them one by one their works, or follow the weaving of mosaics and the Basilica di San Marco fall by the streets and fields, up to the furnaces of Murano where tiles are still produced today.
Those who visit the Serenissima can not and do not want to miss the opportunity to make at least a trip to St. Mark's Square, see Bridge of Sighs and cross Rialto's Bridge.

Noteworthy places to visit that can last from one to seven days, assuming that the visitor never came to Venice and then begin to discover it with us.

You want to point out some paths that lie outside the tracks too busy, trying instead to highlight little-known parts of the city, but no less fascinating and rich in history.

The walking routes, such as to reach the St. Mark's Square or the Rialto's Bridge, are added reports of historical facts or related to Venice views that are traveled.

Eventually you want to indicate paths not yet touched, you can enter using the tools introduced every page of the site, but if you are not able to do so directly to you, you pregari report it to email, the preparation of the site will perform for you, if necessary, the required changes.